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Unfortunately this happens to be a photograph we shot,on our very first shoot (several years ago) and I am embarrassed to say that this is a terrible photograph and the work of an amateur.

Aside from the obvious lack of lighting adjustment, color correction, and the blown out window. The composition of this photograph is terrible and uninteresting, but more importantly the angle and verticals are just way off.

If your photographer takes pictures like this, get rid of them.

Poor Angle & Composition
Again this is embarrassing and this was our very first shoot several years ago. I suppose we really didn't know what we where doing and we sort of just winged it not knowing that we were doing anything wrong.

Our analysis of this photograph: the angle does not take verticals into consideration, we are pretty much aiming down at the table. The focal point is the second set of patio doors for some reason instead of  the other end of the room, which it should be in order to highlight the depth of the room and wraparound deck. However, at the time we thought it was acceptable to photograph the room without thought. Now we know better.

Do not hire photographer that takes photos like this, which is quite common for amateurs.
Another Example of  Poor Composition & Angle
This is a well composed photograph with an excellent angle that takes verticals into consideration.

While bathrooms are difficult to photograph and more often than not you are only able to compose the photograph in a few different ways. The way in which the photographer ultimately composes the photograph matters.

In this case we really wanted to highlight the double vanity and the frameless glass shower while ensuring that the incredible view of the meadow was the focal point. In addition we chose this specific angle because it is more appealing and it keeps verticals in mind.

Absolutely hire a photographer that produces photographs like the one to the right.
Excellent Angle & Composition
This an example of a well composed photograph with an excellent angle that takes verticals into consideration.

The focal point of the room is the fireplace, but it also highlights the rest of the room. In particular both staircases, the chandelier, change in flooring, and the patio doors. It keeps you interested and wanting to know more about the room/property.

On a side note: large rooms like this are extremely difficult to photograph and we are exceptionally proud of the result. It was not easy an easy task and you should definitely hire photographer that can produce magazine to near magazine quality photographs like the one to the right especially if they can do it with large rooms, which are the most difficult to photograph.
Excellent Angle & Composition
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