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Lack of Color Correction: Room Appears Too Orange/Yellow
Color Correction:
Lack Of Lighting Correction: Room Appears Dark
Lighting Correction:
This is a kitchen we photographed for a an interior designer.

Normally Halogen lights warm the room, but unfortunately in this case the halogen lighting colors the white counter tops and cabinets  making them appear off color/yellow. In addition the stainless appliance are picking up way too much color from the halogen lights. As a result a professional photographer should address this problem in post processing/editing. However, many photographers do not color correct their photographs. If your photographer does not color correct their photographs stay away from them.

This is a properly color corrected photograph. The white counter tops are almost completely white and appear as they do in person with the halogen lighting on. In addition the white cabinets look quite white and the stainless appliances look much more like stainless steel. 
This particular room was not very well lit by either natural or artificial lighting as a result we couldn't leave it like this and had to correct it in post processing.

If your photographer does not adjust the lighting of their photographs get rid of them immediately.
We corrected/adjusted the lighting in post processing and here is the result.

As a professional photographer our job is to highlight the room and make the photograph look as appealing as possible. If your photographer takes the time to properly adjust lighting on site or in post processing, definitely hire them.
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