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5 Warning Signs You Hired An Amateur Real Estate Photography:
Part 4: Distortion
Lack of Distortion Correction
Distortion is generally speaking unavoidable with ultra wide angle lenses and it must be corrected in post processing. However, very few photographers take the time to correct the verticals and lessen the distortion caused by wide angle lenses.

Some distortion can be lessened by the photographers equipment choice, but virtually all wide angle lenses will suffer from some distortion. We selected a camera & lens known for very minimal distortion while shooting wide, but as you can see there is still some distortion.

Notice how the walls are bent inwards like a triangle. These converging verticals are exactly what should be corrected, the walls should be as parallel as possible and your photographer should adjust for this.

Distortion Corrected
In this photograph notice that the walls are significantly straighter and that the overall perspective of the photograph is much better.

Completely eliminating distortion is not possible, but it can be corrected and should be.

All professional photographers must be conscious of verticals and distortion. In addition they should use angles that minimizes distortion.

When hiring a professional photographer be sure they correct verticals in order to minimize distortion and/or use angles that minimizes distortion.  Avoid photographers that don't correct verticals, know what verticals are, or don't think it is important.
Another Example Of Not Correcting Verticals : Notice How The Garage  Is Leaning To The Right.
This is an example of an exterior, which is much easier to photograph. However, the garage to your right is noticeably leaning to the right/falling over, which is due to not correcting the verticals.

The fix is relatively easy and all professional photographers should take the time to correct the verticals.
Properly Corrected Verticals
This is the corrected version of the same photograph, notice that the garage is significantly straighter and no longer looks as if it is falling over.

Unfortunately some distortion is normal, and generally unavoidable, but the goal of any professional photographer should be to minimize the distortion and make it look as normal as possible.

Scroll up and down and compare the difference between each photograph. Would you want to purchase a garage that is leaning over?

Hire a photographer that corrects verticals and is mindful to avoid/minimize distortion.
Lack of Distortion Correction
Properly Corrected Verticals
This is an excellent example of  distortion associated with a wide angle lens. One of the reasons we weren't able to shoot the property straight on was due to the trees that blocked our shot. As a result we had to use this rather dramatic angle that led to a fair amount of distortion.

Run from photographers that do not correct distortion and leave properties looking like it's caving in (the photograph on the right). 
This is a properly corrected version of the photograph and how the property actually looks. We essentially corrected the distortion thereby eliminating the converging lines. In other words the house looks straight.

Again hire a photographer that corrects verticals and eliminates distortion!!!

The first photograph does look cool though.